The Rhinestone Housewife is the dream child of retired burlesque performer, Hottie McNaughty. With a knack for finding great indie products and a love of enabling others all over the world it seemed quite logical to combine her talents into a super mega ultra lightning ecommerce store of DOOM! Dedicated to bringing you amazing and unique products, you never know what you might find at The Rhinestone Housewife. Everything from fragrance tarts to lipstick will be featured and presented to you for all your sparkly needs.


We believe in building quality working relationships with other independent business owners who share our vision of small business and quality crafted goods.   We choose to carry products we believe in and that meet the highest expectations. As an added bonus, many of our vendors are women-owned businesses and all are independent.  


Companies currently presented by The Rhinestone Housewife:


Nocturne Alchemy

Dreaming Tree Soapworks

Three Sisters Apothecary

Solstice Scents

Filthy Farmgirl

Twisted Wonderland Perfumery

Poesie Perfumes

Bundle Monster

Joy Lacquer