Solstice Scents Tenebrous Mist Perfume Oil 5ml

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Tenebrous Mist Perfume Oil
Solstice Scents
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Soft Musks, White Amber, Sea Spray, Sandalwood, Bay Rum, Tea Leaves & Wood Smoke

This is the ominous foreshadowing of tumultuous weather to come. Wild seas, terror-tinged skin musk, soft spices, faint wood smoke and a mocking pleasurable sweetness. Tenebrous Mist is a complex blend featuring 16 components, each acting like crew members forming a strong cohesive unit. It is sweet, salty, delicately spiced with a soft warm smokiness and gentle blend of mild wearable musks.
These 3 mild musks blend with white amber, sea spray, sandalwood, Bay Rum EO, tea leaves and the smoke of a fire smoldering unchecked to create an incredibly unique fragrance. Tenebrous Mist is a unisex scent that wears like a second skin.

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