Conjure Oils Loteria Collection 5ml

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Conjure Oils Loteria
Conjure Oils
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Conjure Oils perfume collection based on the kitschy fun symbolic goodness that is the Mexican Loteria bingo game. Each oil is created as an olfactory interpretation of the card itself. Maybe there are other uses for these fragrances, but we’ll leave that for you to decide.

$15 per bottle

El Alacran (the scorpion) - as dry as the desert & equally as dangerous.  Basil, ginger and cactus The are sure to put a sting in your step!

El Árbol (the tree) - if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, it still smells like this. Cardamom, pine and a little sunshine

La Bota (the boot) - showdown at High Noon. Leather, dirt and oakmoss mingle on a hot day. Tumbleweed rolls by and only the fastest draw will walk away...

La Bruja (the witch) - anise notes stir up wafts of bubble, boil and trouble, witchy woods and swirls of wood smoke

El Cacto (the cactus) - hot winds resume their path over cactus, desert sage and sweetgrass following an afternoon cloudburst

La Cafetera (coffee) - cuban coffee, milk and sugar make for a caffeine-free, day long pick-me-up

La Calavera (the skull) - celebrate el Dia de los Muertos year round! Sugar skulls, Mexican chocolate, espresso and marigolds merge in this festive homage to the ancestors

Las Cerezas (the cherries) - ripe cherries heavy on the tree. Intoxicating black cherry and merlot are sure to please

El Corazon (the heart) - passion, courage and strength pulse in a warm blend of labdanum, red carnation and dragon's blood

La Corona (the crown) - golden honey, holy frankincense and blessed myrrh mingle with ancient amber to create a royal blend

El Diablito (the little devil) - flick the angel off of your shoulder and indulge thedevilish side. Smoke, chocolate and warm spices conspire to make debauchery a divine pastime

La Estrella (the star) - sparkling and distant, but never cold. This scent is all about the glitter! Grapefruit, spun sugar and shaved ice shimmer in this truly unique blend

La Herradura (the horseshoe) - loaded with luck! Be charmed with the fragrance of data fresh cut hay, worn leather, warm vanilla and Himalayan cedar

La Hoja (the leaf) - glowing sage, spicy Atlas cedarwood and airy sandalwood create a canopy of deciduous green leaves for sunlight to filter through

El Loro (the parrot) - go to a tropical paradise! Mango, Tahitian vanilla, luscious pineapple and sangria melt into Pikaki and other tropical flowers to offer you an olfactory escape

La Luna (the moon) - soft lily moonlight filters through jasmine scented silk and cotton drapes blowing gently in the moonflower and myrrh breeze. A fragrance as mysterious and luminous as the moon herself

La Maceta (the flowerpot) - vibrant marigolds, scarlet geraniums, green leaves and fresh soil smile up at you from their terra cotta home.

El Melon (the melon) - melons of every stripe served chilled with a drizzle of blackberry honey

La Muerte (death) - the rich smells of turned earth, bouquets of Calla lilies, cotton handkerchiefs dabbing tears and the stillness of the Hereafter

La Muñeca (the doll) - tea, milk and spice cookies served upon miniature china dishes are on the menu today at the doll's tea party

La Palma (the palm tree) - sweet guava, blue ocean water, and a pina colada enjoyed under the cool shade of a palm tree

La Pera (the pear) - juicy golden pears complimented with almonds and drenched in fresh cream

La Rosa (the rose) - ruby rosebuds gently opened in the morning sun. Softly kissed with earthy rosewood

El Sol (the sun) - bright citrus notes and hot clove melt together with a iridescent splash of golden amber. Surround yourself with an irresistible glow

La Sirena (the siren) - ozone, the weathered But wood of old ships, dark waters and salt water-soaked flowers combine to shipwreck the hearts of those who get ensnared by this alluring scent

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