Nocturne Alchemy Rhinestone Mummy Perfume Oil 5ml

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I LOVE the Rhinestone Mummy. She is my linen-wrapped friend. (3 (3 (3 Snoofing the bottle, she's strong bright cherry. And yet, there's something wonderful lurking around the edges...almost chocolate or vanilla. There's a total screaming fanfare of ~*~*CHERRYYYY*~*~ when she first hits my skin. The first time I wore her, I thought, "Uh-oh!" But the Cherry is just that--a fanfare! After all, a Lady should be announced as she enters a room. As she warms up, Rhinestone Mummy gets sultry. The cherry drops away like a big velvet cloak, and what she's *really* about is warmth and chewy resiny lickable goodness. I have an incredibly hard time trying to describe her. I ken the Kobalt. I ken a whisper of cherry that's supporting the rest of the scent. I ken that the lickable goodness is probably amber/sandal/Kobalt/pepper/anise, but I don't perceive them separately. As extreme drydown progresses, she is subtle, perhaps less lickable--that's already finished!--but still a lovely glow that, again, is pretty much indescribable. Warm. See? The Rhinestone Mummy makes me feel special, slinky, and like I have a lovely secret that I only share with *ahem* close friends. ;) I TOTALLY AGREE that she's drop dead sexy. YUMMMMMM!!!

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Rhinestone Mummy Perfume Oil
Nocturne Alchemy
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Not much is known about the mysterious Rhinestone Mummy. Her tomb was untouched by scavengers and judging by it's sparkly opulence it can be assumed that she was beautiful with many admirers. Perhaps she was a beloved wife or concubine or maybe a well to do lady of ancient Egypt who never allowed society to dictate her role. Surrounded by glittering treasure with scenes of a slightly salacious nature decorating her eternal resting place, we can imagine a fabulous Egyptian lady of slightly ill repute. With one sparkling blood red rhinestone covering her eye, we know that the world saw her on her own glittery terms.

A gorgeous blend of mummified royalty; Deep Cherry, Rich Santalum Sandalwood, a kiss of Licorice and black peppercorn, a tiny drop of anise, a sensual treasure of Amber Musk and Kobalt with a rich mummified wrapping of sultry Nepalese Amber.

Hottie's review:
In bottle: Cherry! Like Luden's cherry cough drops that I love.

Wet on skin: The cherry and just a bit of licorice are dancing around and giving it a bit of a citrus vibe. As it settles in the anise makes an appearance and long with the Kobalt and ambers gives it a really pretty creamy texture.

Dry on skin: As it's dried down I get a wonderful combination of the licorice and cherry whirling around with the Kobalt and Ambers. This is a masterfully blended oil and it's so multi-layered and complex I can't stop huffing my arm.

Verdict: Drop. Dead. Sexy. Like knickers on fire sexy and sultry. This is a blend that I will wear when I want to make an impression when I walk into a room. Mr. McNaughty has been following me around all night sniffing me, it's that good.

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